Alpha Omega is a 7-year old Pune-based company. Our primary focus is to provide quality and cost effective solutions for all your HVAC requirements and related services. We have executed various projects in Pune and up-country markets involving AHU’s ( Air Handling Units), FCU’s ( Fan Coil Units ), DX systems, VRF’s (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems as well as Ductables, Cassettes and Splits, amongst others. We can execute all types of HVAC projects for Hotels, Hospitals, IT Firms, Recreation Centers, Shopping Malls, Meditation Centers, Offices, etc. We have a team of experienced personnel, who can effectively deliver to any customer requirement. Our services and installations have included AHU’s & FCU’s (Supply and Installations), MS Pipe Fabrication; all types of insulation ie Thermal & Accoustic, Sheet Metal Works for various types of ducting, VRF Systems- supply and installation, Refrigerant Copper (Cu) Piping and Ventilation jobs.