Embracing Modular Flexibility Everyday

Morning Huddle

The day kicks off with our morning huddle, where the team gathers to discuss priorities and any modular office solutions clients need. Today, we have a request for a mobile office setup at a remote construction site.

Designing the Mobile Office

  1. Evaluate the site requirements and client needs.
  2. Select the appropriate shipping container homes or modular units.
  3. Plan the layout and amenities, such as workstations, meeting rooms, and restrooms.
  4. Coordinate with our fabrication team for any custom modifications.

Site Visit

In the afternoon, I head out to the construction site to assess the location and ensure our mobile office solutions will seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure.

Client Presentation

Back at the office, I prepare a detailed proposal and 3D renderings to present to the client, showcasing our recommended modular office construction plan.

Collaborative Effort

Once the client approves the design, our team swings into action. From fabrication to installation, everyone plays a crucial role in delivering a linked equipment space that meets the client’s needs for efficiency and productivity.

At Linked Equipment, embracing modular flexibility is our daily mantra, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that adapt to our clients’ ever-changing requirements.