Essential AC Care and Maintenance Advice

Regular Filter Replacements

Replacing air filters every 1-3 months is crucial for optimal air conditioning performance and indoor air quality. Clogged filters restrict airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially leading to system breakdowns.

Annual Professional Tune-Ups

Schedule yearly tune-ups with a licensed HVAC technician from Sunshine Air Conditioning. They’ll clean and inspect your system, ensuring it runs smoothly and catching potential issues before they become costly repairs.

Clear Outdoor Unit

  1. Keep the area around your outdoor AC unit clear of debris, plants, and obstructions.
  2. Trim any foliage or shrubs that are within 2-3 feet of the unit.
  3. This allows for proper airflow and prevents overheating.

Proper Thermostat Use

  • Set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature and leave it there.
  • Constantly adjusting the thermostat forces your AC to work harder and wastes energy.
  • Use the programmable settings to optimize efficiency when you’re away or asleep.

Following these tips from Sunshine Air Conditioning can help extend the lifespan of your AC unit, reduce repair costs, and keep your home comfortable all year long.