Safeguarding Your Home: Expert Roofing Advice from A Plus Roofing


As a homeowner, protecting your most valuable asset – your home – should be a top priority. One of the critical components that ensure your home’s structural integrity and safety is the reliable roofing system. At A Plus Roofing, with offices in Hickory, Boone, Lenoir, and Lincolnton, NC, we understand the importance of a well-maintained roof. In this article, we’ll share expert advice to help you keep your roof in top condition and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Preventative Maintenance

  1. Regular Inspections: Schedule annual roof inspections with a professional roofing contractor. They can identify potential issues, such as missing or damaged shingles, leaks, or deterioration, before they escalate into major problems.
  2. Gutter Cleaning: Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and seep under the roofing material, leading to rot and leaks. Keep your gutters clear of debris to ensure proper water drainage.
  3. Trim Overhanging Branches: Overhanging tree branches can scrape against the roof during storms, causing damage. Regularly trim branches that hang too close to your roof.

Roof Repair or Replacement

Even with regular maintenance, roofs have a limited lifespan and may require repair or replacement. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Missing, Cracked, or Curled Shingles
  • Leaks or Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls
  • Excessive granule Loss from Shingles
  • Age of the Roof (Most roofs last 20-25 years)

If you notice any of these issues, it’s crucial to address them promptly to prevent further damage and costly repairs down the line.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

When it comes to roof repair or replacement, selecting the right roofing contractor is essential. At A Plus Roofing, we pride ourselves on our expertise, quality workmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Experienced and Licensed Professionals
  2. High-Quality Materials and Proven Installation Methods
  3. Comprehensive Warranties and Guarantees
  4. Exceptional Customer Service

With our four convenient locations in Hickory, Boone, Lenoir, and Lincolnton, NC, we’re here to serve homeowners across the region with their roofing needs.


Your roof is an integral part of your home’s protection and longevity. By following these expert tips and partnering with a trusted roofing company like A Plus Roofing, you can ensure your roof stays in top condition for years to come. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or to discuss your roofing project needs.